Accurate Burring’s production area includes a diverse selection of equipment to meet our customers’ requirements. This equipment enables us to process a few pounds or 2,000 pounds at a time while maintaining lot integrity. Examples of equipment are described below.

  • The Vibratory and tumbling equipment ranges from ½ cubic feet to 30 cubic
  • A large automated parts washer allows us to remove various oils ranging
    from water soluble to paraffin based lubricants. This machine is designed to
    process large volumes of work in an eight hour day.
  • Two citric acid passivation lines allow us to process customer parts to their
    specific requirements in a timely fashion using different heat settings. Citric
    acid was chosen as it is environmentally friendly.
  • Two degreasers are automated to produce consistent quality and are fully
    enclosed to minimize the release of vapor. They are also compliant with
    environmental requirements; earning our respect from customers.
  • Our ultrasonic equipment includes table top unit and larger fully automated
    unit for aqueous cleaning, as well as vapor unit.
  • Inspection equipment allows us to verify that finished parts are meeting
    customer’s requirements.