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Aerospace Bearings

One of our core competencies at Accurate Burring Co., LLC is precision bearing solutions for aerospace applications. As a metal finishing company, we have the expertise, capabilities, and advanced equipment to consistently meet the industry’s strict standards and tolerance requirements. The following case study showcases our capabilities for tumbling, burnishing, and cleaning aerospace bearings, as well as our company-wide commitment to excellence.

The Challenge

The aerospace industry demands the highest levels of quality and precision in its parts for safe, reliable operations in mission-critical equipment. Traditional manufacturing methods, however, are often insufficient for achieving the tight tolerances and smooth surface finishes this field requires.

An aerospace client came to Accurate Burring with a bearing project, asking that our team process high volumes of bearings in varying dimensions without sacrificing product quality. They turned to us because we are a local company, one that’s willing to truly partner with our clients to address their needs. We were tasked to meet the challenge of cleaning and finishing bearings per the client’s exacting specifications while compensating for media changes as well as navigating supplier delays and government safety regulations.

The Solution

Our team experienced unexpected fallbacks during the research and development stage, going through several different process reiterations. To meet the client’s needs, Accurate Burring used tumbling, burnishing, and cleaning procedures for precision bearings with tight tolerances of 0.0005. We leveraged flow control meters, vibratory machinery, separating sieves, and other specialized equipment to enable optimal product solutions. 

In addition to close tolerances, Accurate Burring was able to achieve a final finish on the material surface of these bearings between 5 and 7 RA, for which we utilized abrasive tumbling powder, porcelain media, and corn cob grit. We ran in-process testing for maximum quality control, such as surface roughness measurements through 100% visual inspections and a profilometer. 

At the conclusion of the project, Accurate Burring was successfully handling high-volume orders for the aerospace customer with quick turn times of one to three days. They were pleased with all aspects of the project, finding the new process an improvement for consistently producing quality parts. We’re now processing anywhere from 80 to thousands of bearings per batch, with as many as 60,000 bearings annually. As a result, the client has been able to reacquire offshored manufacturing jobs, beating out overseas competition. They’ve also presented us with additional projects for a continued partnership.

Why Accurate Burring?

Accurate Burring is a preferred service provider for companies in the aerospace sector for our:

  • Flexible processes that we can easily adapt to varying materials and part dimensions
  • Superior design and engineering capabilities for handling complex projects
  • Extensive background in tumbling and burnishing
  • Experience and infrastructure to handle high-volume manufacturing projects
  • Proven ability to meet or surpass customer expectations
  • Commitment to continuous improvement

Elevate Your Aerospace Projects With Accurate Burring

For aerospace projects or those requiring quality deburring, cleaning, and finishing services for precision components, Accurate Burring can help. Since 1983, our metal finishing company has assisted manufacturing clients in industries ranging from aerospace and automotive to electronics and batteries with quality services, competitive prices, and on-time delivery. To learn more about our finishing solutions, contact us today.