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Component Deburring

Our customer provides Accurate Burring with components that have highly visible mill lines. The customer requests that Accurate Burring deburrs to remove mill lines or blend mill lines super fine. The customer originally was having to deburr the components by hand one piece at a time with a buffing wheel, which was extremely costly and slow. Accurate Burring was able to increase the quantity that can be processed at once to approximately 500-3,000 pieces, varying in sizes from ¼” to 2”. The process provided to the customer has greatly reduced their turn around time and in return, has allowed the customer to focus on their expertise as a manufacturer of these parts. The customer has also been able to improve their on-time delivery.

Accurate Burring considers this as one of our success stories and also believes that this featured project represents our company’s mission of excellence, customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement. Through extensive research and development (R&D), Accurate Burring was able to reduce turn around times and cost for the customer which resulted in our company exceeding the customer’s expectations. In order to complete this, Accurate Burring utilized multiple machines, medias, run time, and deburring techniques to understand what best fit the customers needs and quality standards. For this particular component, quality standards were extremely high and could be difficult or other companies to meet as each component is inspected by hand.