Deburring is needed to remove excess material, burrs and imperfections that remain on a part after fabrication, which can interfere with the function, aesthetics or safe handling of a part.

Accurate Burring Co., LLC offers two types of deburring, both wet and dry.

Choice of process depends on part shape, features, type of a material and requirements.

Each of the processes can provide customer with many results at the same time, such as:

  • Burr removal,
  • Cleaning
  • Removal of heat treat scale
  • Smoothing of the surface
  • Formation of a radius
  • Rust prevention/or oil removal
  • As well as others….

We achieve all of that through use of specific medias and other materials.

  • Wet Deburring

  • Dry Deburring



Vapor Degreasing

Vapor degreasing is a surface finishing process which involves solvent in vapor form to cleanse a work piece of coolants and oils used in various processes of stamping, machining and forming, etc., in order to prepare for further finishing operations.

Vapor degrease has a broad spectrum of cleaning capability on parts that have high potential to distortion because of size and configuration.

Dry Degreasing

Dry degreasing process removes lubricants and oils from parts through use of dry selected medias. This operation is used on parts that have potential to rust or nest. This process cleans as well as brightens the surface finish on parts with zero impact on tight dimensional specifications.

Citric/Acid Passivation

Citric/Acid Passivation

Passivation is a process which removes iron and iron compounds from the surface of Stainless Steel.

The process is performed through exposure of clean Stainless Steel parts to either nitric or citric acid solution.

Passivation process creates a thin oxide layer of rust protection without removal of chromium or nickel from the Stainless Steel.

Accurate Burring chooses to use only citric acid passivation because it is much more environmentally friendly.

Our company is very adept to passivating parts for many industries, such as medical, spring and automotive. We are very knowledgeable in passivation of laser marked parts.

Accurate Burring provides certification for passivation and is compliant with RoHaus, ASTM-A967, QQ-P- 35C and AMS 2700 Method 2 specifications.

Aqueous and Ultrasonic Cleaning

Aqueous and Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is a very efficient, powerful and effective process that uses ultrasound and appropriate cleaning solution to rapidly remove dirt particles.Involves the use of high-frequency sound waves.

The equipment could be used just with water, but use of specific chemistry appropriate for the item to be cleaned and the type of soiling present, enhances the effect.

Aqueous Cleaning

Aqueous Cleaning is a process in which oil, grease and containments are removed by use of a water based solution.

Our Aqueous cleaning process can be applied with or without the use of ultrasonics, heat or auto agitation/rotation.

The benefits of aqueous cleaning are significant to cleaning deep drawn parts,removal of paraffin based lubricants, parts with closed features such as blind holes to name a few.



This process improves the service finish on metal parts using a dry process which consists of selected medias such as walnut shell, specialty cob and brightening agents to enhance the finish.

Our specialized superfinish/burnish process is capable of improving micro finish from 20 micro to 4 micro regardless of material type.

Accurate’s superfinish/burnish process alleviates the need to polish/buff each piece
individually which saves our customer time and money and provides uniform
and consistent product.

  • Sphere Before

  • Sphere After



Inspection is performed before, during and after processing of all orders, some visual and tactile for verification of cosmetic uniformity, burr and sharp edge removal from stamped parts. We also use many various measuring devices like digital gauges, scopes with different magnification capabilities, surface roughness measuring testers, optical comparator and more, to verify that customer’s parts requirements have been met and the quality level is at our highest.



For our customer’s convenience Accurate Burring Co., LLC provides pick-up and delivery daily. We have a 12,500 pound capacity box truck, as well as 2 ton cargovan for pic- up of smaller Lots.

Accurate Burring prides itself in on time delivery and quick turn-around of customer’s parts. Normal turn-around time for us is three days, but it is not uncommon to do next day delivery with ample notice.