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Industries Served

Consider giving Accurate Burring Company the opportunity to service your current finishing needs. If you are presently processing your own product, let us show you how we can help you grow, save money, limit your environmental responsibilities, and do what you know best, Manufacturing.

Our services extend to all industries:

  • Medical - Deburr and passivate staples, stapler and components
  • Battery - Clean and brighten negative and positive caps
  • Hardware - Deburr clasps, clips, and hinged components
  • Automotive - Components to gear box – cable clamps etc.
  • Electronic - Copper fuse connectors and contacts used in elevators
  • Springs - used in electronic – automobile – hardware
  • Metal Stamping - Challenge us with your product
Our Team will be happy to quote single runs or high volume repetitive production. Pricing can be locked in for an agreed upon time.


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