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Case Histories

After more than thirty years of service to manufacturing companies, Accurate Burring Company has demonstrated its dedication to customer needs time and again. The following are some specific examples:

In 1988 we established ourselves with a company that manufactures several components for a well-known battery company. This company was experiencing excessive "down time" while assembling the batteries from their previous supplier due to foreign materials in their product. Accurate Burring became involved and this time consuming and costly problem virtually disappeared. We were able to guarantee 100% lot integrity, as well as consistency in cosmetic appearance. This was achieved by purchasing several dedicated machines. We still produce several tons of different components daily.

In 2001 a fourslide manufacturing company was able to close down their deburring department and use that area to produce additional product (with more machinery) because of Accurate Burring's consistent quality, timely delivery, and response to specific requirements. Both companies grew and prospered together.

In 2008 our work with stainless steel medical parts prompted our customer to ask if we would consider doing passivation to expedite their product. After considerable research, citric acid was chosen as the preferred solution for this process. It appeared to be "friendly" to the environment and our employees! Since adding the passivation line, several other companies "came on board" for the same reason- to expedite their product. Presently, Accurate Burring Company is researching chemical deburring and electro-polishing for two of our customers. By listening to our customers' needs and requirements, Accurate Burring is becoming a specialty company in the metal finishing industry.

a group of products finished by Accurate Burring
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